Miscellaneous Professional Liability

We offer the flexibility to tailor errors & omissions coverage for a wide variety of service businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Service businesses and not-for-profit organizations deserve a level of risk protection that’s specially crafted to meet their unique needs. We provide the flexibility to write errors & omissions coverage for a wide variety of business on an admitted basis (where available), from a dedicated team of underwriters and experts.

Breach Response Coverage Enhancements Available for your Policy

AXIS policyholders have the ability to add important coverages to their existing professional insurance coverage to help manage the impact of a data breach. Please contact an underwriter here or your broker for more information on how AXIS can help businesses respond to a security and privacy event.

If you Already Have Breach Response Coverage

For payment of data breach expenses under your coverage, you may access AXIS' list of vendor partners here. These vendors are pre-approved by AXIS to provide breach related services to you, subject to the terms and conditions of your specific coverage.

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  • Definition of professional services tailored to each risk
  • Punitive damages with most favorable venue provisions where allowed by law
  • Favorable consent to settle clause giving insured more control over settlement
  • Innocent insureds for conduct of “rogue employees”
  • Disciplinary proceedings claim expense coverage
  • Insured’s claim attendance expense reimbursed
  • Personal injury exposures
  • Bi-lateral extended reporting period options
  • Negligent discrimination in the conduct of professional services and a carveback that provides a defense for claims of intentional harassment, misconduct or discrimination until final adjudication
  • Automatic subsidiary coverage (including newly created or acquired entities)
  • Claims made form
  • Coverage for a wide variety of professional classes
  • Up to $20,000,000 policy limit capacity
  • $1,000 minimum premium for a limit of $1,000,000
  • $1,000 minimum retention
  • Coverage for firms of all sizes
  • Worldwide coverage (where allowed by law)
  • Primary or excess coverage available
Optional Coverages
  • Split limits for each wrongful act/total limit of insurance
  • Regulatory action defense coverage
  • Crisis Management and Public Relations Expense
  • Enterprise privacy coverage
  • Contingent bodily injury/property damage
  • Prior acts coverage
  • Copyright infringement
  • Trademark infringement
  • Regulatory action defense coverage

MPL Insurance Solutions Overview
MPL: Claims Examples
AXIS 101 0907 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions Renewal Application
AXIS 101 0908 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Association Management Company Supplement
AXIS 101 0909 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Claims Adjuster Supplement
AXIS 101 0910 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Computer Technology Supplement
AXIS 101 0911 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Educational Seminar Instructor Supplement
AXIS 101 0912 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Employment Agency-Executive Search Supplement
AXIS 101 0913 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Freight Forwarders-Customs Brokers Supplement
AXIS 101 0914 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Graphic Designer Supplement
AXIS 101 0915 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Interior Design-Decoration Supplement
AXIS 101 0916 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Management Consulting Supplement
AXIS 101 0917 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Mid-Term Acquisition, Merger or Newly Created Entity Questionnaire
AXIS 101 0918 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Mid-Term Change of Name Due to Acquisition or Merger Questionnaire
AXIS 101 0919 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Mortgage Brokers-Mortgage Bankers Supplement
AXIS 101 0920 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Network Security Supplement
AXIS 101 0921 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Notary Public Supplement
AXIS 101 0922 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Online Internet Related Services Supplement
AXIS 101 0923 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Premium Finance Company Supplement
AXIS 101 0924 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Printers Supplement
AXIS 101 0925 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Public Record Search Supplement
AXIS 101 0926 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Public Relations-Promotion-Marketing Firms Supplement
AXIS 101 0927 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Real Estate Operations Supplement
AXIS 101 0928 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - RESPA Questionnaire
AXIS 101 0930 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Third Party Administrators-Review Boards Supplement
AXIS 101 0931 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - Travel Agency-Tour Operator Supplement
AXIS 101 0932 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Solutions - User Generated Content Supplement
AXIS 101 0933 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Liability Application for Standards and Specification (ASAE)
AXIS 101 0934 (01-17) AXIS PRO Association Management Company Supplement (ASAE)
AXIS 101 0935 (01-17) AXIS PRO MPL Liability Renewal Application for Standards and Specification (ASAE)
AXIS 101 0936 (01-17) AXIS PRO Subsidiary Organizations Supplement (ASAE)
AXIS 101 0937 (01-17) AXIS PRO Technology Services Supplement (ASAE)
AXIS 101 0938 (01-17) AXIS PRO Affiliate Organization Supplement (ASAE)
AXIS 101 0939 (01-17) AXIS PRO Consulting Services Supplement (ASAE)

This web page is for descriptive purposes only and does not provide a complete summary of coverage. Consult the applicable insurance policy for specific terms, conditions, limits, limitations and exclusions to coverage. Coverage may not be available in all states and jurisdictions. Coverage is underwritten by a member company of the AXIS group of insurance companies.