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Your home based business isn’t off-the-shelf.

Your insurance shouldn’t be either.

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Home Based
Business Insurance reimagined

Home Based Business Insurance, an innovation by AXIS, gives you exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.

Built specifically for small businesses based in the home, this is insurance designed to give you the confidence to succeed. Coverage just for you, to suit your budget, and in plain English. This is insurance reimagined.

Home Based Business Insurance is designed for:

  • Businesses operated from the owner’s residence

  • Independent businesses with fewer than 5 employees

  • Generating annual revenue under $1,000,000


What is Home Based
Business Insurance?

Whether you’re running a consultancy business, or selling your own goods online, it’s important to have the right insurance policy. Home Insurance and standard Business Insurance may not give you the protection you need*. AXIS Home Based Business Insurance is designed to not only protect you but support your ambitions too.

*Consult the terms of your current insurance policies for further details and exclusions.

What coverage do I get?

General Liability: Protecting you against claims for injury caused by accidents on your business premises, or damage to other people’s property or injury caused by your products and services, and certain legal challenges you might face.

Based on your business needs, you might also need to purchase additional coverage for:

  • Professional Liability
  • Business Contents
  • Cyber
  • Crime

"Home-based businesses make up the largest segment of U.S. companies, yet they are too often forced into generic insurance products designed for brick and mortar operations. We are a specialty provider for home-based businesses, and our products and services are designed to give these unique customers the coverage they need and the simplicity they want."

Jill Bryant
Head of Small Specialty Commercial, AXIS Insurance

Putting what’s most important to you
at the heart of your insurance.

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AXIS: An insurer that matches your ambition

AXIS brings the sophistication of a top specialty insurer and global reinsurer and the agility of a firm with entrepreneurial roots. Expertise in complex risks, underwriting excellence, and superior service are all part of our DNA.

With AXIS, you can make a claim with confidence. Our claims process is honest and unbiased with you at the center, allowing us to ask the right questions and make quick decisions. We focus on an outcome that suits your needs. We stand by you through the toughest times to help you grow and succeed.

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