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Cyber breaches cost the global economy billions of dollars each year and present a constantly-evolving risk of business disruption and reputational damage.

We offer risk transfer, market education and crisis management products to a broad range of businesses around the world. We partner with leading research institutions to better understand the changing threat landscape and ensure our solutions meet the needs of our clients in the immediate and longer term.

  • Highly experienced underwriting and legal teams
  • Capacity up to $50 million
  • Business written worldwide

The inaugural AXIS Cyber INCYTE LONDON 2018 event brought together key stakeholders to launch the Cyber Insurance Centre of Excellence - the industry’s premier global resource for cyber insurance solutions, insurance innovation, consulting services and education.  Through Cyber INCYTE, AXIS wants to build an understanding of, and trust in, cyber insurance and its role. Education is the first step.
AXIS Cyber INCYTE was a full day created to educate people about the totality of cyber risk with expert panels, discussions and interactive workshops. 

INCYTE LONDON 2018 included discussions on quantifying risk, the cost of business interruption due to cyberattacks and the importance of preparing for cyberattacks.  

Please access some of the event’s presentations below.

AXIS_Cyber INCYTE London 2018_Corax

AXIS_Cyber INCYTE London_MDD Keynote

AXIS_Cyber INCYTE London_MDD_Workshop

AXIS_Cyber INCYTE_Quantifying Cyber Risk_Panel Notes_FINAL

For those interested in receiving copies of Steve Armstrong’s slides (The SANS Institute), please request copies by emailing

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