Cyber & Tech

Protecting against compromises of security and privacy is a business priority. Breaches of confidential data or sensitive client information can be financially catastrophic. In today’s digital landscape, businesses must have risk management solutions in place to protect themselves against increasing cyber and technological threats.

AXIS understands these concerns. We leverage our experience to anticipate business challenges and the demands to meet changing cyber requirements and risk mitigation needs. We provide our clients with reassurance and clarity. Our expertise, access to capital, capacity and innovative ideas enable us to provide solutions that address risks in the world of data, network security and technology.  

  • Highly experienced underwriting and claims team
  • Policies backed by the exceptional financial strength and solid claims-paying ability of the AXIS group of insurance companies
Cyber Data Breach

If you are reporting a cyber data breach incident which is either urgent or is possibly subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), please visit and immediately contact the 24 hour hotline for one of our breach coach attorneys to assist you.