Approved Service Providers

AXIS recognizes the challenges companies face when responding to network security and data privacy events. As the complexity of these events continues to expand, the speed and efficacy of the event response becomes a key factor in containing loss and preserving good will.

In order to meet the complex and challenging situations our client's encounter, the AXIS claims department has assembled a list of approved service providers that provide flexible and effective incident response for AXIS policyholders.

 Our approved service providers are your virtual comprehensive risk management and loss control team to help you reduce the impact of network security and data privacy events.

Breach Coach Attorneys - Legal Services

Alex Cameron
333 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario
Office: +1 844-200-7505

Ryder Gilliland
DMG Advocates LLP
1230-155 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 3B7
Office: +1 416-238-7537

Forensic Services

Kivu Consulting, Inc.
240 Richmond Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1V6
Tel: +1 855-548-8767

Notification and/or Call Centre Services

Epiq Systems, Inc.
Brookes Taney, Senior Director
Office: +1 800-944-1015

Free Data Breach Event Hotline:

Office: +1 844-200-7505

Ryder Gilliland
Office: +1 416-238-7537

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Senior Vice President


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Important Information About Your Policy

If your policy contains coverage requiring prior approval of a service provider by AXIS and you intend to seek reimbursement for your expense, then you are approved to use the approved service providers listed on this website.

Please note that your use of a service provider approved for the policyholder or a service provider identified on the AXIS website does not satisfy the notification requirements of the policy. You must also comply with notification and all other terms and conditions required for coverage under your policy.

If you elect to use a service provider not listed on our website, in order to be reimbursed for your expenses you must give us notice of your election and obtain prior written approval from the AXIS Claim Department prior to incurring such expenses. Contact telephone numbers and an email address for the AXIS Claim Department are provided within your policy.

Before you engage any AXIS approved service providers we advise you to conduct your own due diligence to ensure the company and their services meet your particular needs. AXIS will not be responsible for services outside of the scope of your coverage or the re-performance of services.

Please note the following regarding service providers identified as approved by AXIS.

  • Approval is service-specific. AXIS identifies the service to which each approval applies.
  • You should consult your policy before engaging an approved service provider. Coverage is determined by the policy, and your coverage may not include all of the services available from an approved service provider.
  • AXIS shall not be a party to any agreement entered into between you and any service provider. Service providers are independent contractors, and are not agents or employees of AXIS.
  • AXIS assumes no liability arising out of any services rendered by a service provider.
  • AXIS shall not be entitled to any rights or subject to any obligations or liabilities set forth in any agreement entered into between you and any service provider.
  • You are under no obligation to perform the actions recommended by a service provider.
  • Unless otherwise stated in your policy, you are under no obligation to contract for services with an approved service provider.
  • Payment for services provided by any service provider is your responsibility.


This listing has been compiled for the convenience of AXIS policyholders. No endorsement or recommendation of any of the service providers listed is intended to be, nor should this listing be construed as, an endorsement or recommendation of any service provider. AXIS does not guarantee the performance or quality of the services provided. You should perform your own independent evaluation of any service provider.